Clinically proven by Polysomnography

In a clinical study using polysomnography, BlaQmax reduced sleep latency and improved both duration of deep sleep and sleep quality with no morning sickness. The results were also reflected in Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (Manuscript under revision).

85% of subjects reported improved sleep quality and sleep duration during the study period

Preclinical Studies (Communicated for Publication)

        • Safety of BlaQmax is demonstrated in animal (by acute & sub-chronic toxicity) and human studies
        • BlaQmax works on HPA axis by a unique mechanism & is a NMDA Receptor Antagonist with GABAergic Effects 

Regulate HPA Axis Modulate CRH & Cortisol

Acts as NMDA Receptor Antagonist

Enhance GAD (Convert Glutamate to GABA)

Possess GABAergic Effects