BlaQmax ® is black seed extract derived from the spice black cumin or black seed (Nigella sativa), by a GREEN technology of COLD-pressing. It is available in conventional and organic versions. Safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action in the body are studied in detail by animal and human studies (patented).

BlaQmax® address four major issues.

  • Availability of a safe natural sleep-aid without memory loss
  • An extract with regulatory complaints about nutraceutical & functional food applications
  • Convenient low dosage
  • Availability in LIQUID & POWDER forms for a wide range of formulations

Black cumin oil

BlaQmax ® solves the high dosage issue of the common cold-pressed oil (5 to 10 gm/ day) by a small dosage of 100 to 200 mg/day. Proprietary ‘microencapsulation technique’ made the POWDER form of BlaQmax® a reality.

Black cumin oil

Reduce time to fall asleep &
enhance sleep duration

Black seed extract

Reduce stress, anxiety &

Black seed oil for sleep

A low dosage of just 100
to 200 mg/day

Black seed oil

Did not affect normal brain functions

What is BlaQmax®?

BlaQmax is an optimized black seed extract derived from the spice black cumin used as Natural Sleep Aid

What are the applications of BlaQmax®?

BlaQmax is available in oil as well as powder forms, making it best suitable for capsules, tablets, soft gels, sachets, instant drinks and other functional food & beverage applications

What are the uses of BlaQmax®?

BlaQmax® helps to treat “Anxiety, Stress and Sleep disorder without affecting Memory”. The difficulty to get a functional claim for a Natural product is well known