Sleep is a biological need of all higher life forms and its disorder (insufficient sleep or Insomnia) can cause even chronic diseases, in addition to problems such as accidents, workplace absenteeism, and productivity.  A recent survey by WHO reports that more than 40% of the world population suffer sleep problems in one way or other.

One of the main reasons for sleep disorders has been found to be associated with lifestyle; in addition to diseases or age-related issues. Stress and anxiety in connection with the competition in both business and professional front, family problems, depression, alcohol and narcotics, and extensive travel have been identified as the major contributing factors. Though synthetic drugs are useful for the treatment of chronic sleep disorders, they are not suitable for management due to the side effects. Though some natural agents are available, their dosage is high and exhibited side effects such as headache, morning sickness, nausea and memory decline.

Here comes the significance of BlaQmaxTM as a NATURAL SLEEP-AID with anxiolytic and stress-reducing effects without memory decline and side effects of morning sickness or headache or nausea.

WHY BlaQmaxTM is innovative?

The innovative element is clear from the USA patent for the Structure-Function claim that BlaQmaxTM helps to treat “Anxiety, Stress and Sleep disorder without affecting Memory”. The difficulty to get a functional claim for a Natural product is well known.

Black cumin seeds or its most commonly consumed cold-pressed oil is not having the sleep-inducing property, but BlaQmaxTM possess!  The claims are substantiated with a series of animal studies and human clinical trials.