BlaQmax is a natural sleep aid. It is derived from the spice black cumin or black seed (Nigella sativa), by a GREEN technology of COLD-pressing. It is available in conventional and organic versions. Safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action in the body are studied in detail by animal and human studies (patented).

BlaQmax addresses four major issues.

  • Availability of a safe natural sleep-aid without memory loss
  • An extract with regulatory complaints for nutraceutical & functional food applications
  • Convenient low dosage
  • Availability in LIQUID & POWDER forms for a wide range of formulations

BlaQmax solves the high dosage issue of the common cold-pressed oil (5 to 10 gm/ day) by a small dosage of 100 to 200 mg/day. Proprietary ‘microencapsulation technique’ made the POWDER form of BlaQmax a reality.

The innovative element is clear from the USA patent for the Structure-Function claim that BlaQmax helps to treat “Anxiety, Stress and Sleep disorder without affecting Memory”. The difficulty to get a functional claim for a Natural product is well known.

Black cumin seeds or its most commonly consumed cold-pressed oil is not having the sleep-inducing property, but BlaQmax possess!  The claims are substantiated with a series of animal studies and human clinical trials.

natural sleep aid
Natural Sleep Aid

The National Institutes of Health reports that one in three adults isn’t getting the quality of sleep needed for optimum health–the number of hours isn’t enough, quality also matters.  Poor sleep quality can have a cascading effect on overall health and vitality, impacting one’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety, immune system response and focus and concentration……

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